Wood Furniture Wholesaler

About Us

Many years ago I started woodworking in my basement, producing items for family and friends and then small accessories and mirrors, for local stores. The demand grew and I made the decision to turn my hobby into something full-time.

Allwood Products was born and we started manufacturing solid wood, unfinished furniture and accessories, in 1988. We developed and built many designs over our first 18 years, and sold product throughout Eastern Canada and United States. Some of our original designs can still be found in the marketplace.

A few years ago we were finding it harder and harder to compete with bigger plants and especially with offshore importers. We made the decision to go more into distribution. We went back to the drawing board and with new designs, we took our construction methods to different builders from around the world. We designed and taught them our way of building and still continue to consult with these and new builders as to our manufacturing methods.

As well, we are continuously looking for other items built outside our market area. We are keeping our expectations of quality and value the same as if we built it ourselves.

We hope you enjoy our collections and look forwards to continuing our relationships for many years to come!!